Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MySpace mobile

Myspace mobile joins the growing list of companies adding mobile access.

There were workarounds in the past to get MySpace on your mobile (unless you were on Vodafone in the UK) such as vcellspace - now there's no need to.

The mobile web version has been in beta a while and now has been opened up to the public.

Many of the functionalities of the fixed web/desktop version are possible through this mobile web browser version.

Point your mobile browser towards: http://m.myspace.com (another one that's not using the .mobi domain suffix).

As some of the largest social networking sites Facebook, Bebo and MySpace all have dedicated mobile web versions ... as do the microblogging and feature based social networks; twitter, jaiku, pownce, radar, flickr, youtube etcetera.

The business social networks haven't missed out either linkedin, plaxo and xing also have mobile web versions ... next on the list to get mobile optimised versions I reckon will be the lifestreaming aggregator services such as friendfeed, profilactic, socialthing, readr, mugshot. and so on..mybloglog already has a mobile version.

As a final comment for this post I was looking back at previous blog posts on Yahoo potentially buying Bebo.

How the winds change with Yahoo and Microsoft currently battling it out (Microsoft also investing in Facebook), Yahoo acquiring MyBlogLog and AOL being Bebo's buyer.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

iPhone SDK

Update ... the BBC iPhone iPlayer may have to take a backseat with a Lego app coming soon, can't wait ...

I don't think the Device OEM's are quite dead yet but amusing all the same ...