Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Interesting blogpost - On Device portals

Andreas, an expert in the mobile on device portal has a very interesting blogpost over at his blog... (link in title)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Operator branding and user interface

This is what S60 looks like on an N95 from Vodafone. You'll remember Voda, Orange and T-mobile have all signed up for the Operator variant of S60 which allows tweaks like this...

source: the excellent RingNokia

Friday, February 09, 2007

Nokia S60 partner with T-Mobile

Nokia collaboration with T-Mobile on the S60 platform was announced yesterday.. (press release in title link).

Windows Mobile 6

With the latest release of Windows Mobile 6 coming at 3GSM (previously codenamed crossbow), will Symbian and the new LIMO OS' have some serious competition ?

Tight integration with desktop microsoft office products (Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc..) and Vista as well as and online integration via Microsoft Live (Search, Hotmail, Messenger) - does this mean that MS after years in Mobile are finally getting it right ?

Picture source and detailed review: Jaap van Ekris

Thursday, February 08, 2007

the race begins ...

It didn't take long for the iPhone clones and full touch screen devices to emerge - wasn't expecting 'em quite so quickly though ...

Meizu M8

Source with more details: Digitpedia

Samsung F700 smartphone - full touch screen device

Source with more details: Slashphone

Do you know people like this ?

Unrelated to mobile but ...
I like venn diagrams. They help explain relationships simply.

source: Indexed blog

This is what the web is about ...

Great YouTube video clip of condensed history of what's happening on the web ... (click on title link).

Nokia merge search applications and offers N95 maps on other devices

If you use Nokia online search and the separate on-device search (red circles), these two separate applications have now been merged into a single application ...

Get your update here ...

Also Nokia announced that they are offering their Nokia maps application free (works with and without GPS) for other n-series devices(S60) as well as Windows Mobile(!).

Get it here (link currently works but download per device section coming soon)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nokia release Series60 edition3 FP2 / New SE phones

Nokia announced today their S60 edition 3 feature pack 2 - coming on more mid range devices in Q2/Q3.. (link in title)

There's a couple of nice personalisation features in the new feature pack... and one that my team had prototyped in the past around idle screen slideshows... (!) but glad to see it coming out-of-the-box...

I think Nokia are acutely aware that they need to improve the user experience flow of the menu driven s60 platform making it more context specific and allowing proper-user personalisation and their S60 roadmaps seem to begin addressing this...

Sony/Ericsson released a bunch of phones also this week, presumably in time for 3GSM .The new W880 (was "AI") below I think is particularly nice to handle, it really is very thin ... (slimness is now a card that all the major handset manufacturers can play)..

Friday, February 02, 2007

Zune phone ?

heh, heh, Microsoft catching up ? Vaporware or reality ...