Friday, November 24, 2006

Week roundup

Couple of interesting things this week. If you're into Flash Lite check out David's blog ( - he really is a flash-lite guru and is posting a web browsing test for the FlashLite plugin for the latest Nokia OSS mobile browser version (available on the N95) from his site. I happen to have flash 6 on my old web page and it works in the new OSS browser without too much stutter.

Flickr announced Mobile flickr .... point your mobile web browser to (better even than viewing the full-blown flickr website through a decent mobile web browser).

More tinkering with the N95, particularly using the camera... Nokia have speeded up the picture taking. When you press the camera button now - it does not take 2-3 seconds to take the picture (like the N73), the picture is taken within a second - much better. Also to start the camera app - you open the shutter. The ergonomics are nice, there is a definate click which snaps the shutter open so you know it's ready...