Thursday, December 21, 2006

Creating Casual Games, Content and Applications for the (Mobile) long tail

Not sure if anyone reads this blog except me anyway :), but I thought I'd share this link (click on on the title of the post) -originally referenced on Tom Hume's blog. The author of this presentation is the mobile company Yiibu

It is one of the more refreshing presentations I've seen in ages that sums up discovering and using mobile content.

There is an additional presentation here from Scott and Amy Jo Kim which also has some nuggets on mobile gaming content and what makes mobile content sticky.


Kevin said...

We're all big fans of your Blog here on the Mobizines team.. we even have even incorporated your RSS feed into our Mobizines servicee ;-)

adrian said...

We read it here at Alpheus too!!!

Its a direct link off our internal blog so you have a good few readers here!!!