Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nokia release Series60 edition3 FP2 / New SE phones

Nokia announced today their S60 edition 3 feature pack 2 - coming on more mid range devices in Q2/Q3.. (link in title)

There's a couple of nice personalisation features in the new feature pack... and one that my team had prototyped in the past around idle screen slideshows... (!) but glad to see it coming out-of-the-box...

I think Nokia are acutely aware that they need to improve the user experience flow of the menu driven s60 platform making it more context specific and allowing proper-user personalisation and their S60 roadmaps seem to begin addressing this...

Sony/Ericsson released a bunch of phones also this week, presumably in time for 3GSM .The new W880 (was "AI") below I think is particularly nice to handle, it really is very thin ... (slimness is now a card that all the major handset manufacturers can play)..