Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spin-my-Blog Post


Voice-to-Screen messaging - powered by SpinVox

Not a very riveting blog post is it ?

What's remarkable is the above was spoken by me to a SpinVox voicemail box that converted my speech "test" into a blog post and posted it here on blogger within a minute automagically...

Submitting blog posts when mobile has been around for a while, with the various blogging sites allowing posts via email and MMS from the mobile phone including the ability to upload pictures/videoclips with your blog post text...

... if you've ever tried to submit a text based blog post from your mobile phone in this way, you'll find it frustrating for the usual reasons, typing anything of length, anything more than a 160 characters (a la SMS) using the messaging client is just too bothersome to do on a mobile phone keypad. Which is why in the past I've ended up only blogging cameraphone snapshots when mobile with only one or two words of text...

What's nice about the SpinVox's service above, for me, is the speed, flexibility and most of all the fact they are using the one feature all mobile phones excel at... Voice ... to make mobile (text) blogging a reality.(You can either have your posts published directly via Spinvox or have them saved as draft - for post editing...)

Spinvox for a while have had a voicemail to text/email service (spin-my-vmail), but recently added three new features, spin-my-blog (as above), spin-my-memo (get notes/memos spoken sent as email) and spin-my-broadcast (group text messaging).

This kind of innovation of coupling the best features of mobile phones with the latest and greates web 2.0 type services is of interest... I hope we see more of these types of services emerging in the near future.

Now I just need to do my own mashup of twitter and spinvox to experience microblogging on steroids...:)