Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Web 2.0 - got your mobile channel yet ?

Many Web 2.0 startup companies looking to maximise their footprint and distribution know that a mobile channel for their service is vital.

Whilst we can expect an official mobile youTube very shortly (alas for tinytube) and versions of mySpace, eBay, facebook and flickr are already mobile (albeit with reduced interactive functionality)... twitter is the latest to join the ranks....

Point your mobile browser to m.twitter.com

If you want a twitter mobile client , Twitlet is clean and simple whilst Twibble allows geotagged twitters from your mobile (handy for the N95 with built in GPS). Others can see where you twittered from on twittervision.

A sidenote : it seems to me that more of the mobile version of these sites are going for m.xxxx.com and not the xxxx.mobi domain name...why not both ?


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