Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fry's delight

For those British amongst us ...Stephen Fry is blogging.

Not only that but he's a mobile device geekhead, obsessed with smartphones who has written a whopper of a first post. It doesn't seem to be fake either... using words like expatiate, Tolkien-esque and 60's housing estate analogies it can only be him.

The depth of knowledge in his first post on smartphones is impressive for someone not in the industry. Being able to wrap that up in his highly witty sarcastic style makes for a very entertaining read.

I love his line on the device manufacturers compared to Apple "Why don’t the other bastards GET IT??". Aah, sentiments of my own (ref: earlier blog post on touch screen devices). He also comments why native apps will always be superior on the iPhone and why a keyboard is a must.

(My own request on the virtual keyboard which I can't get used to: Please Apple - take your new aluminium imac keyboard - shrink it to the iphone form factor and make it a landscape slider, - like the Helio Ocean (number pad slider not required) and have the virtual keyboard and virtual numeric keypad a la dialpad as options/preferences - ** per application **).Oh and don't make the device any thicker than it already is ...:)

His refreshing views are most welcome I hope he does one or two in his character styles - I'd love to see a Lord Melchit blog post on the trials and tribulations of mobile devices....