Monday, January 28, 2008

Two interesting announcements

** Update ** - of the reasons regarding why Nokia would buy Trolltech, VisionMobile has a detailed case saying why it's all linked to Ovi

Nokia to buy Trolltech QT...
QT is Trolltech's GUI libraries / framework.

How will Nokia incorporate this purchase, I wonder ? Here's hoping for a complete overhaul of the S60 menu-based ui(!)

Heavyweight Amazon to release DRM-free music mp3 downloads Internationally (after success in the US) with its music store.

From a mobile perspective this will be another option for consumers, alongside the existing ones from Operators (eg. OmniFone), Device OEMs (eg.Nokia's "Comes with music"/Music Store, Sony Ericsson's "Play Now" etc..), Apple iTunes and 3rd party (eg Last.FM,) subscription based services that can be accessed from the mobile for purchasing and playing music (streamed or downloaded).

I wonder if Amazon will produce a dedicted optimised mobile web front end or client to the music store ?