Monday, April 07, 2008

Opera mini 4.1 beta video view

Looks like Opera have taken a leaf out of Apple's book in presenting new features of their Opera Mini 4.1 browser, heh ...

I was interested in seeing how the fileupload option works to popular web destinations such as flickr (requires JSR-75: PIM and local file access support on the phone).

I downloaded and installed the unsigned version which means there's prompts popping up all over the place as you navigate through the phone directories to find an image.

However, supposedly if you download the signed version of Opera mini 4.1 for your phone and get it working, these prompts should be minimised (see WAPReview's comments here).

It won't replace my current fire-and-forget media-uploading mobile client because its faster and easier to use, supporting multiple web end desitnations.

Having said that, the Opera mini solution solution did work for uploading the image and is another option for uploading/downloading content between the mobile and web, directly from within the end destination website.

Opera mini 4.1 download is here (PC) or visit from your current mobile browser.