Friday, August 08, 2008

Updates everywhere

I've been using HelloTxt recently to update statuses across multiple (micro) blogging and chat channels. Lifestream updating from a centralised place, I'm finding is rather convenient.

It's a service similar to - and both have been around a while. Both also have mobile (web) access and support updates via email.

One thing I like about HelloTxt is the ability to in-line post a video-clip as well as images (like jaiku) and crucially it has an SMS Gateway for posting updates via SMS.

These services are slightly different from FriendFeed which imports your status updates and is more of an aggregator of other services rather than which is a multi-end-destination-status-update tool.

Both services could do with voice enablement from the mobile though (like TwitterFone or TwitterGram) or to link up with the spinvoxes or jott's of the world. The posting options are summarised below : - Web Interface, Special Email Address, IM Bot, Mobile Interface (including dedicated iPhone), iGoogle and Facebook Apps

- Web Interface, Special Email Address, Mobile Interface (no iPhone version), Posting via SMS, Facebook App

More detailed comparisonshere and here.

If you've got multiple microblogging/chat channels and you want to update them all simultaneously with the same updates you might want to try one of these services out.