Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mobile YouTube

Youtube go mobile (finally).

Youtube have been experimenting over the last 6 months with a version of mobile youtube. (Several months ago TinyTube was prevented from transcoding youtube video clips for the mobile...)

You may have been lucky enough to catch the official mobile youtube site by pointing your mobile browser to over the previous months, but it's been up and down. For the last 5 weeks or so there's been a holding page in place with a "coming soon" message.

Well now it looks like it's finally being released (a subset of youtube clips with a maximum of 5-6 minute video clips using RTSP to stream the 3GP video - so no downloads) ... using the same URL


Scott said...

Hi Martin, I wonder what you think of u-tube's mobile attempt. The UI looks nice and slick but it crashes my N95 every time I look to download - I find that incredibly annoying.

As an aside, I am sure that those that get it to work will make the T-Mobile Web'n'Walk tariff work for its living!

Martin said...

Hello Scott,
I think YouTube's mobile attempt via the mobile browser is a ** start **.

Whilst it does not allow access to the full feature set of the main YouTube site it's likley they will add these features for the mobile environment over time.

It's working on my N95 ok,(streaming starts the Real player to view the video), maybe upgrading the N95 firmware will sort the issue you are having out.

Flat rate data of course is a prerequisite for TV/Video watching on mobile but I'm interested in seeing whether there is a large uptake for mobile youTube and which customer segments use this service.

Martin said...

Hi Scott,
I see other people are having problems too. Try this link :