Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hype in overdrive

updated 27th June ... to include video review ...

Updated to include an independent video review (wed 27th June):

Trying not to add to the Apple hype before next Friday (but failing) ... here's the guided tour of the apple iphone feature set ... (if you have'nt seen it already). The thing of note to me, was they are showing off the features with an "invisible" hand holding the device steady. I would rather have seen someone trying to make a call or access the applications single-handledly.

I'm a big advocate of integration between mobile phone applications to make things as simple as possible for the user and the Apple GUI does appear to have some neat integrated features between the applications.

However, one comment is that "zooming in" for the the different applications is not always consistent ~(eg. zooming in on photos via the pinch method is not the same as tapping on the screen in web browsing and double tapping in maps applications).

For an expert review of the iPhone soon make sure you stop by All About Symbian. Steve Litchfield already has done a mini comparison of smartphones compared to the iPhone.