Saturday, July 21, 2007

Links for last week

Everone's favourite uploading client - Shozu has been updated to version 3.2 and now supports multiple destination addresses from a single upload saving you time and money, new destinations such as Facebook and increased upload size to 10 Mb (much more useful now for YouTube uploads). There is also support (official) for the Nokia N95. Yay.

I've talked about PIM applications before and why the handset manufacturers just don't seem to develop basic functionality that everyone would find useful is disappointing. Mobile is about Communication primarily and 80% of your communication is to 20% of your contacts/network (big generalisation but broadly true).

If you communicate via text and send a lot of 'em (my usage seems to be increasing over the years) then TextQuick application by MindFlip for S60 edition3 is great. It's a beta release at the moment but seems pretty stable.

It reduces number of clicks vs. the "New Message" S60 Active idle application markedly. ie. I can text my most used contact in two clicks with TextQuick vs. 5 clicks using new message or any other shortcut. (S60 could have solved this another way by allowing the SpeedDial application to also allow SpeedText to a favourite contact) - but TextQuick is more dynamic constantly changing the sort order based on who you've previously sent texts to.

It takes a lot for me to change one of my softkeys to a most-used application but text-quick is definately a candidate. Thanks to Symbian in Motion for discovering this cool little application.