Thursday, July 05, 2007

New versions of Apps

Update ... Friday 6th July, Jaiku also announced their mobile web version / access.

I've been testing the new beta version of Jaiku and the public version of the new Mobile GoogleMaps.

The Jaiku client is much improved in several areas - there are loads of changes and the list no doubt will be on jaikus website when they launch. The main one for me is the interface is much simpler and clearer to understand/use ...and seeing threaded jaikus and comments is just great (like threaded SMS).

This week, I was up at Oxford Forum listening to some presentations on Mobile Social Networking. On the way thought I'd test out the newer version of Google Maps for Mobile which integrates GPS on the N95.

It worked well and navigated me step by step by step to my location (it uses a little blue marker - see top image). I took the screenshot below as I was there, and Shozu automatically geotagged it and uploaded it, so that it sits nicely on my flickr map (saving me the effort to drag it to the correct position at a later date)... geotagging simplicity !