Friday, August 10, 2007

Flickr to Twitter coming - Twickr

Twitter as a social alert and notification platform is continuing to evolve with more mashup's being created. The latest one from Dave Winer is in beta testing mode...if you're quick and approved you might be able to get in on it..

It will allow your Twitter followers to see a flickr photo you've just uploaded.

Since flickr supports photo upload from your mobile via email and mobile web interfaces, posting to flickr is pretty straightforward.

The new bit is now you have an automated way of alerting others of the photo you just took on your cameraphone. Another option and possibly less hassle than emailing or MMS'ing it to a group of people and is bound to be used for LiveBLogging events.

Combined with the location integration applications for Twitter and Flickr - your twitter followers can see where you are (twittervision/twittermaps), what you say (tweets) and now also see the photo of what you just took (twickr). An alternative to realtime mobile video broadcasting to the web.

Whilst on the subject of Microblogging and alerting, keep your eye out for Jaiku's new (much improved in my opinion) mobile client - it's coming out of beta very soon. Since you can import Twitters into Jaiku also, the above service will also work in Jaiku.