Wednesday, August 15, 2007

(MOSH)OSO, Flickr and Mippin links

I'm late to post this I know...

Nokia goes MoSoSo (Mobile Social Software) with MOSH a mobile social networking / user-generated content community call.

Use (ALLACCESS) to login. It will be interesting to see if it is
(a) successful and if so ...
(b) merges with Nokia's acquisition of Twango and
(c) how it competes with other online social networking sites (bebo, myspace, facebook, xing etc..) and user-generated content sites run by a couple of the European Operators such as SeeMeTV / Look at Me.

For NSeries fans with the native photo-uploading client (called Share Online) which is used from the Gallery; a new version is available (v2.0) which allows photo tagging and descriptions and has an easier/improved provisioning process with Yahoo/flickr but you will have to start over.

Flickr by the way is rumoured to be offering video uploading (finally!) and sharing soon (presumably to compete with youTube, mySpace etc..), so we'll have to see if the Share online client will also allow video upload. This would then be a native alternative to Shozu for getting multimedia in different formats off your nSeries to different destinations.

Last but not least, Refresh Mobile who developed the super-slick Mobizines application (mobile magazine reader with personalisation and sharing features) that works on loads of handsets are working on a new service called Mippin. The beta is open now. Sign up at the link.