Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tip 'n' Tilt

It was inevitable that sensors would be one of the next things to come to mobile phone hardware.

One of the wow factors of the-phone-that-shall-not-be-named (and Times invention of the year 2007) is cover-flow, pinch/zoom/tap and automatic landscape/portrait flipping for mobile browsing and photo viewing.

This makes for a "cool" intuitive user experience when added to a touch interface. It has also spurred on the other handset manufacturers to include these features.

I wonder why then, Nokia did not promote the fact the N95, launched back in April does have an accelerometer allowing landscape/portrait flipping ? Sony Ericson promoted their 'shuffle' feature heavily around a specific music handset W910 (shake the device to skip tracks).

Perhaps they could not integrate it with (say, the Gallery or the OSS browser) in time for shipping - who knows ? I'm positive on the next n-series devices they will make more of this feature should it be included - and it will.

Download here ...

or point your mobile bar scanner app at this (barcode is in the office directory usually).

Moving ball.



So will there be any applications using this?

Martin said...

I would imagine that Nokia will add it for Gallery,the Browser and 3rd party games (seem like the most obvious candidates), but maybe the music player as well.

Keep an eye on Rotate Me too.

Martin said...

Another example here of using your N95 as a Wii remote.

Russell said...

Here's another: