Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More widget news

So Netvibes widget content will be available in Widsets...

I've gone off Widsets a little since their last release, the J2ME client has got more bloated, takes longer to initiate and is much more confusing in synching desktop widgets back down to the mobile. Before it was simpler, faster but had less functionality. There's always a trade off.

However, Widsets do make it super-easy to create new widgets in a matter of minutes with no coding required. The barrier-to-entry of creating personalised widgets is therefore lowered.

One consequence of this is searching for and finding useful widgets from the longtail and not just the head (ebay,email,flickr etc..) as Ring Nokia points out.

Netvibes allows access to a handful of their enormous number of widgets via the mobile browser and (just set up a tab called mobile in your web based Netvibes).

To complement this by allowing the mobile widsets client to get access to the netvibes catalogue ensures they are covering both options.