Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekly Links roundup

Carnival of the Mobilists 70 is at Mobile Opportunity this week.
The mobile advertising post I thought was particularly interesting.

It was also the S60 Summit in Madrid last week. Links and (some) presentations are here (thanks to Stefan).

There was the follow up public announcement from Nokia regarding Widgets (there was a demo of how quick it is to build and deploy a widget on Feature Pack2 - see previous post) and touch-screen interfaces (the inevitable response to iPhone) for S60.

Also on show were the chipset manufacturers showing very, very quick Symbian OS boot time!

The 6120 Nokia classic phone which supposedly has days of battery life and the Nokia 6110 Navigator were on show as well as S60 edition 3 Feature Pack2 which is much quicker navigating around the user interface.

Generally I like these types of event mainly for the networking and (re)viewing mobile content and services startups. There were some vendors this year that I'd not seen before.

One fun little mobile application was SMS wizard by Zensis which allows emoticons to be sent as part of a text using the standard notation eg. :)..

Further richer functionality is available with pre-selected animations and once the application is installed it's integrated into the "new messaging" options in the messaging client. ie. I don't have to go into the client app once it's installed.

Series40 as well as smartphones from the other handset manufacturers already have emoticon support in the symbols menu for texts (as well as IM).

I have no idea why S60 has not included this basic feature into their text messaging client, it certainly livens up text's a little...maybe it's just me that expects these types of cosmetic features and from an S60 point of view it's way down the wish-list..


Furie said...

Zensis sounds suspiciously like EMS to me. It's a shame that didn't really take off, mostly down to Nokia not putting it in their handsets when it first came out. Oh well, ces't la mobile vie.

Personally I'd expect a smartphone to be just that - smart. It should be adaptable to it's users needs and as text or graphically oriented as is needed. Maybe in the next few years they'll reach a point where it'll finally be worth upgrading for me. I'm a hardcore non-business user who's regularly on the web from my phone and demands entertainment just to keep my boredom levels from peaking.

Speaking of which, thanks for the interesting page. I've found a load of great little apps here as well as discovered Twitter as a venting platform.

Martin said...

Thanks for the feedback comments Furie.
We will see more context adaptable phone applications based on time, location, presnece status etc.. in the near future.