Thursday, April 12, 2007


Had a couple of posts in draft for the last week - here's the blurb rounded up ...

Firstly Carnival of the mobilist 68 is live over at Always On blog. One of the most interesting posts I thought was Google launching Local Voice Search in the US - link here here.

Google definately seem to understand that mobile context is different from the web and that they need to use the best features of mobiles to enhance existing services or create new ones purely for mobile ...

Readers of this blog know that I'm keen on ** integrated ** mobile services that make tasks simple and particularly those that take advantage of the best features of the phone (eg. in the case above, voice). Examples of other great integrated data services are Shozu (Symbian version integrates with the Camera functions and GPS) or Blogger on Sony Ericsson K800i (integrates with Camera functions) - both allowing photo upload and mobile blogging.

On a different tack, but still related to Google, I was lucky enough to pre-trial an N95 version of GSync. This Symbian application is created by Psiloc and allows synhcing of any SMS's or MMS's in your phone's inbox into your GMail account. It's a cool little app that works well if you feel the need to keep your messages - it's been useful for me a couple of times when the SMS's have been deleted from my phone Inbox as it got full and I've needed to refer back to them.
Comprehensive review here. Now if only this was actually already a built-in function of the Inbox on your phone and you could point it to different email accounts.