Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nokia Touch UI and N810 tablet

I was at the Symbian smartphone show in London yesterday when Nokia made their touch based user interface announcement (as predicted here) that sits on top of and integrates with the S60 platform.

As also predicted they are continuing to bring sensors into the platform. (They already had done this wth the Nokia 5500)

They have decided to keep the S60 user interface/user experience for reasons of "familiarity" for the 100 million S60 users already ...hmmm ...I posted a while back that in my opinion adding a touch interface on top of S60 might be questionable - it may be an opportunity missed to simplify the large number of options, menus and sub-menus currently in the S60 ui. It's too early to tell from the video that was shown (and the details in the link below )so we'll have to wait and see in 2008. I ** really ** hope it's going to be as fast an interface as the iPhone.

More details here.

If all that wasn't enough the new Nokia internet tablet was also announced at the Web 2.0 summit... I like N800 a lot so am looking forward to playing with the slightly smaller N810 now with a proper keyboard , GPS and the familiar linux maemo OS.

Photo from Ari Jaaksi's blog...