Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Other mobile bits and bobs

Well it seems a busy day today ...First off there's an interesting announcement about Telefónica and Nokia signing a deal to get access to each other's mobile internet services. Nokia knows that Ovi and its music portal directly impact the operators - is this a bridging move perhaps ?

Then we had the announcement that my favourite mobile microblogging platform Jaiku has been bought by Google in its ongoing mobile service acquisition (ref: dodgeball, jotspot, android) ... as described in my earlier post today, one of jaikus compelling features is aggregating RSS feeds in a single place (including my Tweets).

... as a beta tester for the service I'm not sure what to think as they built a great little developer/tester community (hopefully this will survive in the transition). Its obviously fantastic news for the jaiku team who worked hard to make this service what it is ... and is an example of mobile startup success story. It may also impact Twitter. Jaiku comes from a mobile background and Twitter comes from a web background, this is very telling. I would imagine Twitter will beef up it's mobile functionality pretty soon :)

Finally, a little utility app for S60 3rd edition owners, announced from the Nokia beta labs team ... Device utility 1.1 with a desktop and phone interface...

It may come in handy to developers testing their apps, rather than exporting log files into their preferred IDE's. Reviews here... and here.