Monday, October 29, 2007

Shortcuts on your phone: SkyeQuiKey

Odd name but a very useful application, similar to Qix which I'm also a big fan of.

It's hard to go back to hierarchical menus and submenus once you've tried it.

Finding most contacts / native and installed apps / browser bookmarks within 3-4 keypresses from the idle screen is simple.

Far easier than navigating round a file explorer application, trying to remember file names, where you've put applications and other content.

You can see here I've hit the number '7' which represents stuff starting with p/q/r or s, as you tap more keys the list dynamically changes based on the letter combinations. It's a huge time saving for finding contacts quickly if you've got a large address book.

Direct dialling and and shortcut dial numbers from the idle screen remain unaffected and there's a nice configuration /personalisation option to allow you to set left and right navigation to execute specific commands (eg. pressing right on the D-pad when on a contact name, causes the text messaging app to start, prefilled with that contact recipient).

In contrast Nokia's new Search app integrated into the active idle framework (see N81, N98 8GB) is more a shortcut to start the inbuilt Search application (which allows on-device file search and online searches) rather than direct searching/finding by tapping keys from the idle screen.

Symbian in Motion has a more detailed review.

Download for S60 here.