Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dashwire - Phone Content Organized

Dashwire looks interesting from both a messaging backup perspective and configuring the phone via a web front end such as setting speed dial options.

Whilst desktop clients are available for most smartphones that allow you to backup manage and restore your content, (thus avoiding the privacy issue), online web front end variants with personalising / sharing / configuring options are growing in number.

Dashwire seems to synchronise automatically for all content with little or no intervention from the user once set up (it's difficult to tell whether this is the case from the video). A flat rate data plan would therefore be a must.

The synchronisation of the phone database (eg. calls, messages eg. Thumbcrowd , etc..)) and the mobile browser bookmarks, images and video media to the cloud with a dashboard-like web interface seems quite compelling.

Shozu users for example can synch their mobile photos, images and contacts already, Dashwire adds in some further configuration / personalisation and message history options but is also the end destination (unlike Shozu). I hope Dashwire will allow other end destinations for mobile content eg. Flickr for images etc...

Aggregating phone "stuff" in one place has some advantages in my view, allowing users to configure and personalise their mobiles (ringtones/wallpapers) more easily as well as have a timeline/historical based context of their communication (eg. as in Lifeblogger ) ... but, (there's alway a but though isn't there ?), privacy and trust are big issues to overcome.

Does the utility of convenience, in this case managing my phone content via the web (and some possible new sharing options) outweigh the security/privacy issue ? Given loads of people and their dogs have social networking profiles and online web mail accounts. It seems it does...Or, people are unaware that their personal data is being used...(FB added sponsored adverts "expanded" in my news feed today - it would seem they have looked at my profile to push adverts I might be interested in).

Currently Dashwire is only available for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices currently but I'll be testing it when it comes out on other platforms.


Anonymous said...

Here is related article:
Dashwire and Bloove: Bringing Mobile Phone Management To The Web

Martin said...

Thanks 'Anonymous' - was not aware of Bloove.